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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some crazy pictures that will make you scratch your head?

Here are 30 crazy pictures which are guaranteed to have you scratching your head and wondering why. Enjoy. 1. This woman’s hair. Wait… WTF? 2. This flying boat with a dude pointing at… WTF?! 3. This weird crack in the sky above Bora Bora.

Is the ‘going crazy’ meme applicable to you?

We all have a little craziness inside us, so the ‘ going crazy meme ‘ is totally applicable to all. Admittedly, more to some than others. Maybe we know that friend who’s always on the edge of going psycho, or perhaps we’re the one who’s losing the plot.

When you meet a real crazy person what are the best quotes?

When You Meet A Real Crazy Person. And Realize You Ain’t So Crazy After All. 8. I’m Going Crazy. 9. Crazy People Don’t Know That They Are Crazy. I Know I Am Crazy Therefore I Am Not Crazy, Isn’t That Crazy? 10. Am I Going Crazy? Why? I Think I’m Suffering from Post-Traumatic Call Light Syndrome. 11. You Going Crazy?

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