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Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy land in fs19?

To purchase new plots of land in Farming Sim 19, you need to go to the pause menu. Here, you can do everything from looking at crop prices to changing your settings. Most importantly, you can navigate to the world map, which will allow you to buy more land.

How to get fs19 for free on PC?

Scroll the page until you find the Farming Simulator 19 title in the editions of the game (it is the first one in the list) and click on the orange button that says “Get” (you will see that right next to it there is a warning that is available for free).

Are pigs profitable fs19?

Are pigs profitable fs19? Pigs are poorly profitable business. A lot of work is needed to ensure high efficiency. They have the highest reproductive rate, but the price per piece is the same as for sheep.

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