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Frequently Asked Questions

Which TV is best for Xbox series X and Xbox series s?

Which TV is best for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S? With Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S raising the bar for performance, it's an ideal time to invest in a new 4K TV. The two next-generation consoles push huge advancements in visuals, with the arrival of HDMI 2.1 also driving new displays to account for those advancements.

What is the best budget 4K TV for Xbox series X?

LG NANO 85 — Best Budget (4K 120Hz): Experience the fundamentals of Xbox Series X with the affordable LG NANO 85. TCL 6-Series R635 — Best Budget (US): TCL never disappoints with its affordable 4K TVs, and the R635 delivers its best yet. Samung TU8000 — Best Budget: Save on 4K gaming with the entry-level Samsung TU8000.

What TV can connect to the PS5 and Xbox series X?

Just about any TV with an HDMI input can be connected to the PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but you'll want a cutting-edge TV if you want to fully exploit the next-gen graphics features that are found in these new game consoles and tap into the ultimate game experience.

What apps can I watch on my Xbox Live Gold?

You could use apps from services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and HBO. There’s also Sling TV, which streams TV channels to you over the Internet. These apps no longer require an Xbox Live Gold subscription, as they did when the Xbox One was released.

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