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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grass Island on Lake Havasu?

Grass Island marks the beginning point of Lake Havasu's lower southern portion, the gateway to places like Copper Canyon, Friendly Island, Steamboat Cove and Havasu Springs. Grass Island varies greatly in size depending upon the water level of the lake.

Where is the best day boat camping on Lake Havasu?

It's hard to believe you could find a more ideal location for day or night boat camping than Lake Havasu's Friendly Island, located a mere four miles south of the heart of Lake Havasu City's famous English Village waterfront and the London Bridge.

Where is friendly island?

Located in Goose Bay, only a little more than four miles from the London Bridge, Friendly Island has several secluded sandy beaches with ample drop-off for easy boater access. The island is well protected from wind and boat wakes, and has the added comforts of restroom facilities, barbecue stations, ramadas, and trash receptacles.

What is Lake Havasu City known for?

A human-made oasis in the Sonoran Desert, Lake Havasu City is a 1960s-era planned community on the banks of an artificial lake. The sunny weather and large blue reservoir — formed by damming the Colorado River — draws boaters, fishers, and water recreationists from all corners of the Southwestern United States.

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