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Frequently Asked Questions

When can users give Playtime hours to a friend on boosteroid?

Users should buy any Boosteroid subscription from October 23, 2020 (13:01 CEST UTC+2) to October 26, 2020 (23:59 CEST UTC+2). Then they will be able to give 5 playtime hours to a friend registered on Boosteroid.

What is the boosteroid and fanatical partnership?

In celebration of this, every Boosteroid user can generate an exclusive coupon which entitles you to a 10% discount on any game key from Fanatical. With the partnership now announced, all Boosteroid users can grab an exclusive coupon for an additional 10% discount and this even applies to game keys that are already discounted.

Will there be a boosteroid giveaway for 2K20?

In 2k20, there was a big giveaway on Boosteroid, along with a promo code for the first subscription. Hopefully, there will be something similar this year. Does anyone have any HQ wallpapers for a desktop/phone wallpaper. Does anyone have Contact info for VFS global in Canada.

How can I download Boost Mobile Special free app?

Download Boost mobile special free app from the App Store or Google Play store. Plus, download airG or PlayPhone for more entertainment. airG allows you to create a profile and chat with people from around the world. While PlayPhone gives you access to hundreds of free games on your phone when you add it to your plan.

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