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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Forget-Me-Nots need to be seeded?

This is when they set seed too, which they wantonly release everywhere. Once you have forget-me-nots in your garden, it is rarely necessary to plant seed. The little plants can be left to overwinter and then get moved to wherever you want them in early spring. If you want to start some plants for the first time, seeding them is easy.

Can forget-me-nots grow in containers?

Forget-me-nots can be grown in containers too. Use well draining soil in a container with good drainage, and keep an even closer eye on soil moisture when potted versus when planted in the ground as containers dry out quickly! Fertilize as you would in the ground and allow the plants to have some shade during the day.

Can forget-me-not tolerate drought?

It can tolerate drought but will go dormant in the hottest part of the summer once seed has been set. Plant in full sun or partial shade. In areas where the summer gets very hot, make sure the plant gets some shade during the day. Woodland forget-me-not does well in a variety of soils, including sandy, loamy, or clay types.

What is a tufted forget-me-not?

Tufted Forget-Me-Not: it grows in wet and moist soils, it flowers from June to August. This is an annual or biennial variety. Water Forget-Me-Not: this perennial variety grows in wet to moist conditions with partial sun exposure. Preparing good media that has a good combination of garden soil and organic matter will ease germination.

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