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Frequently Asked Questions

Which coolant is right for your Ford truck?

In most cases, common green coolant is the best, and will do everything that needs to be done in any engine, with no side-effects. That ended the dispute as to what is best, but in the long run, the proper answer is to use whatever Ford states is the best coolant today for your F-150, regardless of what the company said when the truck was new.

Can you use antifreeze as a coolant?

When you mix antifreeze with water it becomes coolant. But in the same way that chocolate syrup needs to be mixed with milk before it becomes chocolate milk, antifreeze is not coolant until you mix it with water. Point is, when you use antifreeze or coolant you are regulating the temperature of your engine.

How much antifreeze does a Ford Focus need?

put one litre of antifreeze in first then one litre of water.done this till i had put four litres into system.mixed the last litre together in the plastic bottle that i was using to top off the system.checked the system daily and topped up when needed. in total used 2.5 litres anti freeze and 2.5 litres of water.

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