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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Football diehards magazine?

The Football Diehards is one of the last Fantasy magazines to hit the newsstands each summer and offers news that is more pertinent on your Draft day. I great blend of Fantasy Draft advice and Daily Fantasy Details. Click Here to Order

What is included in the 2021 football diehards?

The 2021 Football Diehards includes our unique blend of Expert Prognostication, Daily Fantasy advice, Mind-Bending Stats and an assortment of informative and entertaining Fantasy-specific articles. Also articles on impact moves, bargains and busts and draft strategy -- along with player capsules, team report cards, a rookie preview and more!

Who are the Rams’ diediehards line?

Diehards Line: The two join Darrell Hendeson Jr. on the list as the Rams will now face a tough divisional game without some key assets. Brycen Hopkins and Kendall Blanton are next men up at tight end. Sony Michel will start at halfback with Henderson out.

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