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Frequently Asked Questions

What does foil stand for?

The word FOIL is an acronym for the four terms of the product: F irst ("first" terms of each binomial are multiplied together) O uter ("outside" terms are multiplied—that is, the first term of the first binomial and the second term of the second)

What does foil mean in drama?

| A dramatic foil is a character who may be similar or in parallel circumstances compared to the main character of the story. In this way, the dramatic foil is meant to serve as a basis of comparison with the main character, thereby enhancing the audience's perception of the main character's most ...

Was foil ever made of tin?

Actually, the “tin foil” used in homes and restaurants is not tin at all. Tin foil was originally used for industrial purposes such as lining cigarette packages, said Pat Schweitzer, an Alcoa spokesperson. However, Reynolds Wrap foil has been made of aluminum since 1926.

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