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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Flickr stand for? The acronym FLIR stands for "forward looking infrared radiometer," a technology developed by the U.S. military in the 1970s.

Is Flickr still popular?

Apple is still not the most popular camera brand on Flickr, but its iPhone remains the most popular camera on Yahoo’s photo-sharing network. As noted by PetaPixel, Flickr has analyzed the EXIF metadata of photos shared on its service to find out which cameras were the most popular among its users over the past year.

What is the purpose of Flickr?

PURPOSE OF FLICKR. While Flickr was originally designed as part of an MMOG to enhance its user experience, Flickr itself was designed to allow users to organize and store photos, as well as to engage with each other’s photo content.

How is Flickr different from Instagram?

Key Takeaways Instagram is beating out Flickr in the photo-sharing space. Instagram's use of hashtags and being a dedicated social media sharing app helps give it an advantage over Flickr. Instagram allows people to explore and connect with one another, while Flickr's biggest draw is its large photo library. More items...

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