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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Feeling Good by Michael Buble come out?

About “Feeling Good”. This song is one of the most popular songs performed by Michael Bublé. It was released on 2005 and was nominated for the “Jack Richardson award” for the best producer.

Did George Michael ever sing Feeling Good?

George Michael performed "Feeling Good" during his 2011–12 Symphonica Tour and included it on the Symphonica album (2014). The music video was released on 6 May 2014 and "Feeling Good" was sent to radio on 11 August 2014. The release of "Feeling Good" coincided with the issue of Symphonica on the vinyl format.

Who sang Feeling Good by Nina Simone?

Nina Simone recorded "Feeling Good" for her 1965 album I Put a Spell on You. The song has also been covered by Sammy Davis Jr., Traffic, Michael Bublé, John Coltrane, George Michael, Victory, Eels, Joe Bonamassa, Eden, Muse, Black Cat Bones, Bassnectar, Sophie B. Hawkins, Leslie West, Avicii, Chlöe and Ms Lauryn Hill among others.

When did the song Feeling Good by David Lee Roth become popular?

The song has become one of his most popular singles and became a hit in May 2010, when it reached No. 69 on the UK Singles Chart after it was featured in British advertisements. Sales+streaming figures based on certification alone. American girl group the Pussycat Dolls recorded "Feeling Good" for their debut studio album, PCD (2005).

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