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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Started with the Feedly API?

You can start building your application against the Feedly API Sandbox and contact us when you are ready to go production. If you are a hobbyist playing around with the Feedly API in a non-commercial context and have a Feedly Pro plan, you can use the Feedly developer token to access your feeds and boards.

How does feedfeedly handle resource IDs?

Feedly tries to use readable ids wherever possible. These ids are returned by the various “list” APIs, e.g. categories, tags etc. We do not recommended building these ids using code, as their structure might change. Here’s a list of the most commonly used resource ids and their format:

What is included in the Feedly enterprise plan?

The Feedly Enterprise plan includes up to 200,000 request per month and the full power of the Feedly API. Any action a user is taking in the Feedly application can be performed via the Feedly Enterprise API.

How can I integrate my productivity app with Feedly?

If you are a developer building a productivity app and you would like to to integrate your app with Feedly, we have a special program to support you. Feedly Pro customers can also use the Feedly app to create what we call hobby scripts (small apps that allow you to play with your Feedly content in a non-commercial context)

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