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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the start-stop-continue feedback model work?

At first, if you don’t know how it goes, it might work just fine. But once you know you’ll have some sort of criticism in the middle, that’s what you’re going to listen to, regardless of what else is said. But there are ways to go around this. And here is one possible way to do it: the Start-Stop-Continue feedback model.

What is the startstart stop continue framework?

Start Stop Continue is an intuitive framework that lets you collect feedback on three aspects: 1 What you should start doing; 2 What you should stop doing; and 3 What you should continue doing.

What is an example of a start stop continue session?

This is an example of a product team running a Start, Stop, Continue session to discuss a recent product launch. The session and feedback could look like this: Start- The team could consider using an external agency to conduct primary research like a usage and attitudes study.

What are the benefits of the start stop continue template?

Plus, the Start Stop Continue template ensures that all feedback received is action-oriented. This allows every employee to immediately use it to improve. Since it’s a team exercise, it also gives everyone the opportunity to align their goals based on shared priorities as well.

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