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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect feedbackpanda and VIPKid?

The FeedbackPanda launcher is a software you can download to connect the VIPKid and FeedbackPanda apps. By opening up the launcher, both apps will run simultaneously. How do I prepare for VIPKID classes?

Why feedbackpanda is the best tool for teachers?

We crate FeedbackPanda to allow teachers to spend their time providing helpful feedback and quality teaching instead of going through the usual daunting feedback process. With loads of integrations, our simple and easy to use student feedback app will save you time and money. FeedbackPanda is the digital assistant for all teachers.

How much time can you save by using feedbackpanda?

Save an average of 2 hours a day. Access thousands of feedback templates. Manage student data and records. FeedbackPanda provides easy to use student feedback templates for online teachers. By simplifying the process, FeedbackPanda is able to save you around two hours per day.

How do I use feedfeedback for VIPKid unit assessments?

Feedback for VIPKid Unit Assessments is different from regular class feedback because you are required to fill out a form that grades the student on the questions they answer during the assessment. This form can be found in your teacher portal on the VIPKid app, and you can fill it out during the assessment or immediately following.

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