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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you send a fax to an email address?

To send a fax, you generally type in the fax number, including the country code and area code, followed by the email address of the service provider, in the "To" section of your email. For example, [email protected] Then you type the content of the fax in the body of the email.

Can you send an email to a fax number?

Efax is an online internet fax company that lets you send faxes online for nominal fee. Sending an email to a fax number is done by adding to the end of the recipients fax number. When you send the email, the recipient will get a fax on their fax machine. MetroFax offers internet fax sending services.

How to get an eFax number?

If you’re wondering how to get a fax number, it’s easy with eFax. Simply sign up for a fax number of your choice on our website. eFax allows you to get an online fax number in hundreds of area codes across the U.S., so you can make your presence known as a reliable and legitimate business in your region.

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