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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rating of fashionfashionphile?

FASHIONPHILE has a consumer rating of 4.86 stars from 5,159 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with FASHIONPHILE most frequently mention customer service, great experience and luxury items.

Is Fashionphile the best second-hand luxury retailer?

Then you’ve probably heard of Fashionphile, a second-hand retailer that specializes in purchasing and selling designer handbags, watches, jewelry and accessories. Founded in 1999, Fashionphile is one the leading second-hand stores for luxury goods and its popularity seems to only be growing.

What is your experience with the customer service at fashionfashionphile?

Fashionphile also has great customer service if you contact them by email. Their phone system seems to be slow but I get quick responses when I email them. I have purchased wallets, handbags, and a briefcase and all of them have been 50% or more off of retail price.

How to deal with Fashionphile's negative comments?

If your company processes the orders at the same rate you process customer's payments; Fashionphile could alleviate the negative commentary. Maybe it would also be to Fashionphile's betterment to leave payments for new customer's in a "PENDING" status until purchases can be verified for new FASHIONPHILERS.

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