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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Falcon expert casting rods so special?

Built with the input of Falcon pro-staffers, like Jason Christie and Mike McClelland, the Falcon Expert Casting Rods use advanced CrossMatch blank technology and top of the line Fuji components to deliver peerless, competition-grade performance.

What is a Falcon lowrider rod?

When first introduced in 1995, Falcon’s LowRider series defied convention by using small, single-footed, rod guides. These guides also sat lower, resting much closer to the blank. Compared to other rods of similar length, there were also more guides.

How long have Falcon rods been around?

For over 25 years, Falcon has been at the forefront of rod design and innovation, pursuing that perfect combination of quality and performance. In doing so, they originated the "low profile" guide system and were among the very first to introduce technique-specific rods for bass fishing.

What's new with Falcon Cara spinning rods?

Delivering the quality, sensitivity, and durability anglers have come to depend on from Falcon, the all-new Falcon Cara Spinning Rods are reintroduced with the latest technology the industry has to offer.

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