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Frequently Asked Questions

What are benefits of intranet and extranet?

Intranets only allow for employees to use the system. An extranet, on the other hand, goes a step further and opens up access for external users. Additionally, the data and content stored in an ...

What is the meaning of intranet and extranet?

Intranet is a tool for sharing information throughout the organization. Whereas Extranet is a tool for sharing information between the internal members and external members. 2. Intranet is owned by a single organization. While Extranet is owned by either a single or a many organization.

Can any one on the Internet access an extranet?

The extranet is a blend of the secrecy and control allowed to an intranet, but also the convenience and sheer amount of information enjoyed by using the internet. Extranets, however, are not perfect, and almost any network connected to the internet can be accessed inappropriately given enough time, motivation, and resources by an interested party.

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