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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the synonym of explained?

Synonyms for explained. accounted (for), attributed, explained away, rationalized. condoned, excused, forgave, justified.

What does it mean to explain something?

To explain something is to define it, show how it works, or just tell what it is. Explaining helps people understand. If you know football really well, then you could probably explain it to a non-fan. Explaining makes things clearer. A lot of teaching is explaining — telling how something works.

Is the subject 'explain that to me'?

The subject is "you". Yes, apologies. But it is a re-ordered version of "Explain that to me" (where the to has just popped in there again) You seem to imply "Explain that to me" is somehow the "original, underlying" sentence, but that simply isn't so.

Is explain it to me correct?

I know that explain it to me is correct, but I want to know which one of the above is valid. "Explain me" is incorrect (as noted, and with exceptions noted, below), but it is an incredibly common turn of phrase among native speakers of romance and slavic languages, and perhaps other languages too.

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