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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary function of humoral immunity?

The humoral immune system deals with antigens from pathogens that are freely circulating, or outside the infected cells. Antibodies produced by the B cells will bind to antigens, neutralizing them, or causing lysis (dissolution or destruction of cells by a lysin) or phagocytosis.

Is humoral immunity innate or adaptive?

Humoral immunity and cell-mediated immunity are two types of an adaptive immune response that enable the human body to defend itself in a targeted way against harmful agents such as bacteria, viruses and toxins. Whilst there is some overlap between these arms of the immune response - both rely on the functions of lymphoid cells - there are also some important differences.

What do cells carry out the humoral immune response?

Humoral Immunity is the arm of the Adaptive Immune Response which results in the release of antigen-specific Antibodies that target an invading microbe. This response is largely carried out by B-cells but requires the help of CD4+ T-cells and thus in part depends on successful Cell-mediated Immunity.Here we outline the steps of Humoral Immunity and organize this section according to the "Basic ...

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