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Frequently Asked Questions

What is enrollment into MACP and how does it work?

Enrollment guarantees JD assignment consideration, but does not guarantee that the couple will be assigned together at the same location and/or at the same time. To request enrollment into MACP: A DA Form 4187, Personnel Action, and the marriage certificate/license must be submitted to Soldier Actions requesting enrollment.

What is a 4187 form in the Army?

DA Form 4187 or the Personnel Action Form is a form used in the U.S. Army to request a personnel action. Using the form, soldiers can request a number of personnel actions including training, a name change, a reassignment, extra rations, and more.

When was the last da 4187 form updated?

The DA 4187 was last revised by the Department of the Army (DA) on May 1, 2014 with all previous editions obsolete. The form - often incorrectly called the DD Form 4187 - can be supplied through the chain of command or downloaded down below.

Can I extend the courtesy of the MACP in the future?

The Army intends to extend the courtesy of the MACP whenever possible in the future. It is also possible to update soldiers preference for joint or separate deployment cycles via the Assignment Satisfaction Key (ASK) web page.

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