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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you open and close an Evenflo stroller?

However, even then, they are pretty easy to open or close. For instance, while the Evenflo Pivot Travel System does not have a one hand open feature, you can still easily open it like this: Unlock the frame lock on the side of the stroller. Start pulling the stroller upwards. Hold the handle bar and push the stroller down to keep it in place.

What are the release handles in a stroller?

The release handles in a stroller refer to the straps or handles that you can use with just one hand to close or open the stroller. In the case of the Evenflo stroller, the release handles are typically placed in such a way that you will very easily be able to access them with the use of just one hand.

How do you release the front of a stroller?

Take your baby out of the stroller. Fold down the canopy. Align the front and rear wheels, making sure that all wheels are facing forward rather than sideways. Empty all items from the stroller basket and trays. Operate the release mechanism. See your owner’s manual for specific release instructions for your model.

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