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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my Motherboard code starts up at FF?

Try pulling the cmos battery for 10 minutes. Try unplugging the new hard drive from the motherboard. Re:Motherboard code starts up at "FF" but computer doesn't boot.

What does FF mean on a motherboard?

--Asus x58, P67 and Z68 boards: FF = unknown / reserved error code. On a P6T7 boards that was POSTing FF when I called in the tech said it was "Fault Found" and to try it case-less (I already was) and if it's FF outside the case with just CPU/MoBo/PSU it's almost definitely a bad motherboard.

Why won't my Motherboard show FF in the BIOS?

2) If you're looking up "FF" for a BIOS code, then you're probably having an issue with your computer not POSTing. OFF-HAND, EVGA boards show the temp after POST, not FF. My ASRock board doesn't show FF even once on startup. Neither do ASUS boards AFAIK because they use the same BIOS as ASRock boards do.

What does FF mean in the debug code on the screen?

All the flashy LEDs light up, and the debug indicator shows FF as the debug code. According to some threads on Toms Hardware, this indicates a problem with the CPU not initializing. 1. 8pin CPU Power cable is wired incorrectly.

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