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Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs can you get with an English Literature degree?

Other common careers with an English degree. Other common careers with an English degree include librarianship, archiving, bookselling, information and research, tourism, events management, social work, youth work, probation work, human resources, retail management and sales.

What can an English Literature degree lead to?

An English literature degree may qualify you for a wide range of career opportunities. Depending upon your academic competence and your interest area, you can look for positions in both private and public institutions. If you enjoy the creative side of literature, you can pursue a career in the advertising, film, drama and marketing.

Is English literature a good major to study?

A degree in English literature can open numerous doors for you - unlike popular belief. Indeed, there's a long list of transferable skills that English literature graduates can boast to potential employers, including sharp analytical and research skills, tactful communication, as well as independence.

Should I major in English literature?

Although careers in teaching often require additional qualifications and/or experience, an English literature degree can be a great way to develop the academic knowledge and communication skills needed.

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