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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AP English Literature course?

The literature course is primarily focused on college-level literary analysis, and students who do well on the AP English Literature exam will often earn college credit for composition or literature. The AP English Literature course covers important literary works from a range of genres, periods and cultures.

Do Colleges give credit for AP English language writing?

Many colleges and universities have a writing requirement, and a high score on the AP English Language exam will sometimes fulfill that requirement. Two of the schools in the table—Stanford and Reed—do not give any credit for the exam regardless of your test score.

Should I take AP English Literature at Stanford University?

So even at a school like Stanford that does not award any credit or placement for AP English Literature, your decision to take the class still strengthens your application. To learn more specific information about the AP English Literature exam, be sure to visit the official College Board website .

What is the average score for the AP English language exam?

The AP English Language exam had a mean score of 2.83, and the scores were distributed as follows: The College Board has released preliminary score percentages for the 2019 exam, but keep in mind that these numbers may change slightly as late exam scores are entered.

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