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Frequently Asked Questions

Is English literature a good major to study?

A degree in English literature can open numerous doors for you - unlike popular belief. Indeed, there's a long list of transferable skills that English literature graduates can boast to potential employers, including sharp analytical and research skills, tactful communication, as well as independence.

What are some examples of English literature?

The most famous example of English Renaissance literature is Shakespeare . Shakespeare was influenced by Greek tragedy, and wrote about historical and social issues. His poetry centered on the aesthetic. The poets of the English Renaissance focused on exploring religious and social ideas that their counterparts explored in art.

What are the different types of English literature?

Literature comes in many different types and forms. The different types of literature are seen in works such as novels, biographies, poems, dramas, non-fictional and short stories. All the different types of literature mentioned are made up of certain elements like theme, plot, character, setting, conflicts, etc.

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