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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of an engineering notebook?

A primary purpose of an Engineering Notebook is the support of documenting work that may be patentable. To support patent activities, it is necessary to provide clear, concise, chronological entries with specific dates.

Why is an engineering notebook important?

An important item to have when making, designing, or even brainstorming is an engineering notebook. These notebooks are used to record ideas and data that will help you keep track of your projects. They are designed to help you be more efficient with your note taking and your documentation.

What is an engineer notebook?

An engineering notebook may contain a record of an engineer's daily work, including outcomes of various tests, calculations, and first-hand observations. An engineering notebook may be subpoenaed as evidence in court. An engineer's notebook is highly detailed, with data recorded in chronological order.

What is the project notebook?

A project notebook is a complete documentation of a project's details. This documentation includes sketches; information from books, discussions, and meetings; and your own thoughts.

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