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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ENG test?

ENG is a series of sensory tests for your eyes and ears. Your doctor puts electrodes above and below your eyes and measures your reactions to light, motion, depth perception, and the effect of fluids in your ear canals. Ideally, the tests will isolate the things causing the vertigo. When Would My Doctor Order an ENG?

What is englobal's (Eng) net profit and return on equity?

The construction company reported $0.07 earnings per share for the quarter. The construction company had revenue of $5.92 million for the quarter. ENGlobal had a negative net margin of 6.08% and a negative trailing twelve-month return on equity of 11.22%. View ENGlobal's earnings history.

What is the Eng procedure like?

Generally, the ENG follows this process: If there is wax in the ear, it will be removed. Before positioning the electrodes, areas of the skin on your face will be cleaned with an alcohol-saturated cotton pad and allowed to air-dry. A paste will be used to attach the electrodes.

What is the difference between Eng and VNG testing?

While similar to ENG, VNG testing involves goggles and special infrared cameras to measure eye movements. This is a departure from traditional ENG technology. It measures the movements of the muscles around the eyes. Instead of wearing electrode patches, the VNG test involves wearing special goggles that measure eye movements.

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