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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best clothing brands for emo and Goths?

Hailed as the Mecca of Camden Town, London, Cyberdog is one of the oldest companies to make clothes for emo, goths, cyber goths, ravers, and everyone in between (including cyberpunk clothing ).

What to wear as an emo?

The emo designs also come in a variety of materials that can fit your fashion needs. Secure a cotton piece which you will find in most of our men’s clothes. You can find cotton hoodies, tees, pants, jeans, and many more in our collection. Go for cotton buckled pants and rock it with a cool goth shirt and a pair of men’s alternative boots.

What are the best emo clothing brands in San Francisco?

This San Francisco-based (and LA) emo clothing brand caters to those who want to embrace their emo-ness in every possible scenario. Black Mast sells goth swim trunks and bikinis via their Tropigoth collection.

Can men wear pastel clothes?

Although most of the pastel clothing is tailored to women, men can embrace the look as well with purple or pink hair, shirts, spiked bracelets and chokers, and skulls and crossbones accessories. Men who embrace gothic punk also wear their hair longer, don't mind a bit of makeup, and have a love for pink and other lighter colors.

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