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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the word embedded?

Definition of embedded. 2 : enclosed closely in or as if in a matrix : set firmly into a mass or material Every nuclear sample has a host of distinctive attributes, including the exact mix of impurities, the ratio of different radioactive isotopes, even embedded carbon compounds that indicate the sample's age.

What does embedded mean in health insurance?

Embedded health insurance refers to a certain way that family deductibles are handled. In a family plan, each individual member covered by the insurance policy has their own deductible. However, there's also a family deductible.

How do you use embedded in a sentence?

An embedded clause is a clause used in the middle of a sentence, or in the root clause. The embedded clause should give the reader more information and enhance the overall meaning of the sentence. Using embedded clauses will help to create more detail to your sentences and raise your writing to a higher level.

What does this embedded mean?

"embedded" in English. › fixed into the surface of something: The thorn was embedded in her thumb. › If an emotion, opinion, etc. is embedded in someone or something, it is a very strong or important part of him, her, or it: A sense of guilt was deeply embedded in my conscience.

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