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Frequently Asked Questions

What's happening in El Paso ISD?

El Paso ISD Superintendent Diana Sayavedra updates the community on the district's recent highlights and upcoming events. Hillside Elementary’s deaf and hearing-impaired students visited Bassett Place to see a special signing Santa and give him their wish list. Tag us in your post and your photos could be featured on our homepage!

What is El Paso's largest school district?

Employee Relations Volunteers & Student Teaching The El Paso Independent School District, the largest district in Region 19, serves 50,000 students in its 80 campuses. Established in 1883, EPISD has a rich history in the community with a mix of historical, newly-constructed and updated campuses.

How many employees does El Paso County have?

As an open enrollment district and District of Innovation, its exceptional programs draw students throughout El Paso County. The district employs nearly 8,000 employees, making it the largest civilian employer in the city.

Why are El Paso and Socorro school days delayed?

The El Paso and Socorro independent school districts are starting the school day two hours later on Tuesday due to expected inclement weather. The EPISD on Monday evening announced students, teachers and staff will start classes on a two-hour delay in response to inclement weather expected in the region early in the morning.

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