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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I force a group policy update for Microsoft Edge?

To force a group policy update, type gpupdate /force at the Windows administrator Command Prompt (Run as administrator). Click OK to save the policy settings. Rollback will happen the next time Microsoft Edge Update checks for an update.

What is the installdefault update policy for Microsoft Edge?

Value Name: InstallDefault Value Type: REG_DWORD Example value: 0x00000001 Back to top UpdateDefault Update policy override default Microsoft Edge Update and later Description Lets you specify the default behavior for all channels concerning the way Microsoft Edge Update handles available updates for Microsoft Edge.

What is the'update policy override'setting for Microsoft Edge?

This is not recommended, as it prevents Microsoft Edge Update itself from receiving stability and security updates. The 'Update policy override default' and per-application 'Update policy override' settings should be used to manage application updates rather than this setting. Windows information and settings Group Policy (ADMX) info

How do I configure Microsoft Edge policies and settings?

You can configure Microsoft Edge policies and settings by adding a device configuration profile to Microsoft Intune. Using Intune to manage and enforce policies is equivalent to using Active Directory Group Policy or configuring local Group Policy Object (GPO) settings on user devices.

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