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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some important facts about Ecuador?

interesting facts about Ecuador. 1. The national tree of Ecuador is the cinchona tree which produces Quinine, the first drug used to prevent and treat malaria. (Source: Britannica) 2. Ecuador is one of only two countries in South America that does not share a border with Brazil.

What are some interesting things about Ecuador?

18 interesting facts about Ecuador. Despite its relatively small size compared with local giants Brazil and Argentina, Ecuador is home to an astounding array of wonders that include picturesque colonial towns, Amazonian rainforest, the spectacular peaks of the Andes and of course the fragile but alluring Galápagos Islands.

What is Ecuador famous for?

Ecuador is famous for its orchids. There are more than 6000 varieties with more and more being routinely discovered. Its proximity to the Amazonian rain forest and geographical layout provide the right environment for orchids to grow.

What is unique about Ecuador?

There are at least 14 recognised languages spoken in Ecuador. 18. Ecuador is divided into four main and unique geographic regions: La Costa or “the coast”, La Sierra or “the highlands”, La Amazonía also known as El Oriente or “the east” and La Región Insular, the region comprising the Galápagos Islands.

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