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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a doc file?

A DOC file is a Microsoft Word document. Open one with MS Word or for free through Google Docs or WPS Office. Convert to PDF, JPG, DOCX, etc. with those same programs or Zamzar. This article explains what a DOC file is, how to open one with and without MS Word, and how to get it into a different file format like DOCX or PDF. What Is a DOC File?

What is the difference between a Doc and a Google Doc?

A 'Google doc' (GDOC file) is different from a DOC file. Although you can, as you read above, upload a DOC file to Google Docs and use it as a Google document, the two are not the same. See How to Convert a Google Doc to PDF if that's what you're after.

How do I convert a doc file to DOCX?

Another option for converting a DOC file to the DOCX format is to use a dedicated document converter. One example is the Zamzar website — just upload the DOC file to that website to be given a number of options to convert it to. You can also use a free file converter to convert a DOC file to formats like PDF and JPG.

What does docx stand for in Microsoft Word?

For most of its long history, Microsoft Word has used a proprietary format for its saved files, DOC. Starting in 2007 with the updated version of Word (and Microsoft Office), the default save format was changed to DOCX. This wasn’t simply a belated 1990s “extreme” version of the format—that extra X stands for the Office Open XML standard.

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