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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a direct competitor?

Most industries have businesses in direct competition. A direct competitor is a business or entity that offers products or services that directly compete with your business interests. Direct competitors often target similar markets and can impact your ability to reach your desired customers or increase your market share.

How do you know if a business is in direct competition?

Direct competitors are brands or businesses that sell the same products or services to the same target audience. You can tell if two businesses are in direct competition with each other if: Indirect competitors provide products or services that are not the same but that satisfy the same consumer needs.

What is a competitor in business?

Competitor – definition and meaning A competitor is a person, business, team, or organization that competes against you or your company. If somebody is trying to beat you in a race, that person is your competitor. We do not just use the term ‘competitor’ in business.

What is indirect competition?

Though the business models may vary, they are still in competition with each other. Similar to direct competition, indirect competition also encompasses businesses that can encroach on your market.

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