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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Deutsche Bank Human Resources report?

The Human Resources Report, published for the ninth time, provides employee statistics and information on Deutsche Bank’s strategic Human Resources (HR) priorities and initiatives over the past fiscal year and details on key metrics and people-related activities. You can also download the PDF report as a PDF version.

How many employees does Deutsche Bank have in Switzerland?

Deutsche Bank employs slightly more than 600 people in Switzerland in the divisions Private Bank, DWS and Corporate Bank/Investment Bank. The Deutsche Bank in Switzerland Internet has been given a new look & feel, but the contents is the same. Please note that apart from the homepage all links need to be re-bookmarked.

What is Deutsche Bank's non-financial report?

Deutsche Bank released its PDF Non-Financial Report, including the bank’s mandatory Non-Financial Statement. The report covers topics that the financial industry commonly refers to as environmental, social and governance (ESG).

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