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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'Dell Foundation services' do?

Dell Foundation Services (DFS) is a remote support component that is pre-installed on some Dell systems. DFS installs a trusted root certificate (eDellRoot) that includes the private key. This certificate was first installed in August 2015. Dell systems that have been re-imaged or do not otherwise have DFS installed are not affected.

Who accepts Dell Preferred Account?

^DELL PREFERRED ACCOUNT (DPA): Offered to U.S. residents by WebBank, Member FDIC, who determines qualifications for and terms of credit. Taxes, shipping, and other charges are extra and vary. Payments equal 3% of the New Balance or $20, whichever is greater. Minimum Interest Charge is $2.00. Dell and the Dell logo are trademarks of Dell Inc.

What is the customer service number for Dell?

Dell Customer Service Phone Number. Phone Number:1 (800) 624-9896. Shortcut: N/A - Edit.

What is Dell Preferred Account?

What Is a Dell Preferred Account?Dell Preferred Accounts. Dell Financial Services and its affiliate WebBank offer credit to customers through Dell Preferred Accounts.Applying for an Account. You can apply for a Dell Preferred Account through Dell Financial Services's website or by phone. ...Advantages of Dell Preferred Accounts. ...Disadvantages of Dell Preferred Accounts. ...

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