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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Degrassi Junior High the next generation?

Unlike Degrassi: the Next Generation, Degrassi Junior High told kids, teens, and adults what they needed to know and hear. Not all the typical "90210 lovey-dovey stuff". Season 1 was just a start; season 2 is where it starts getting interesting--as coming of age does in real life.

How many episodes are there in Degrassi Season 2?

The second season of Degrassi Junior High, a Canadian teen drama television series, aired in Canada from January 4, 1988 to April 18, 1988, consisting of thirteen episodes.

Who were the actors in Degrassi Junior High?

Degrassi Junior High featured many of the same actors from The Kids of Degrassi Street, including Stacie Mistysyn, Neil Hope and Anais Granofsky. Degrassi High is the third series in the Degrassi universe, following Degrassi Junior High characters into high school.

When did Degrassi High come out?

Degrassi High premiered in the Fall of 1989 on CBC – running for two seasons. In the summer of 1991, production began on the Degrassi High television movie School’s Out, and in January 1992 the MOW premiered to 2.3 million viewers on the CBC. DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION

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