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Frequently Asked Questions

What is competition in biology?

Definition of Competition in Biology. Competition in biology is a term that describes how living organisms directly or indirectly seek resources. Competition can occur within a species or between different species. The many types of competition include everything from dogs fighting over a bone to rutting stags locking horns in a fight to the death.

What is COMPET competition?

Competition is an interaction between organisms or species in which both require a resource that is in limited supply (such as food, water, or territory ). Competition lowers the fitness of both organisms involved, since the presence of one of the organisms always reduces the amount of the resource available to the other.

Why does competition occur?

Competition stems from the fact that resources are limited. There are simply not enough of some resources for all individuals to have equal access and supply. Competition can occur between organisms of the same species, or between members of different species.

What is ecological competition?

Ecological competition occurs when living organisms, including animals, plants, bacteria and fungi, need the same limited resources to thrive in their shared environment. Each organism has a specific place in the ecosystem known as its niche in biology. The purpose of specialization in a niche is to regulate competition.

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