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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of deferment?

noun the act of deferring or putting off; postponement. a temporary exemption from induction into military service.

Why was the deferment process controversial in WW2?

Despite the theme of universal sacrifice, at the height of the war in 1944, critics claimed that the deferment process had become captive to politics, special interests, and to local biases. Selective Service was used as an indirect agent to keep labor in line by threatening induction.

What groups received deferments from WW1?

Throughout the war various groups demanded and received deferments, including the medical community, college students, educators, scientists, agriculture, and the war industry. Persons who have objected to war on religious or personal grounds have resided in the United States since the earliest colonization of America.

Can a married man get a draft deferment?

Congress has issued revisions to the Selective Service Act to permit all married men deferment from Class I-A draft classification for military service until further notice. Within the next week, the new draft deferment system should reach President Franklin Roosevelt’s desk for a signature of approval or veto.

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