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Frequently Asked Questions

What Deferments are available for BYU students?

There are two types of deferments available to BYU Students: Leave of Absence and Mission Deferment. After you receive your mission call and before you leave on your mission, you will need to complete the online missionary deferment to defer both enrollment and academic scholarships.

Does BYU-Idaho have a military deferment?

The deferment also provides the opportunity to receive an override for the next flex-track semester to allow the spouse of the intern to not fall behind in their graduation plans. Due to the differing lengths of service required of military personnel, BYU-Idaho does not have a specific military deferment.

What is a continuing student deferment?

A Continuing Student Deferment allows a student to miss one of their on-track semesters without having to reapply for admission. If you have already done a Continuing Student Deferment before and need to defer again for reasons other than a mission or medical reasons, please contact the Admissions Office at 208-496-1411.

How do I enroll at BYU after my mission?

Following your mission, you must enroll at BYU within a designated time period, as noted in the Missionary Deferment policy. Graduate Students. You should consult with the Graduate Studies office for enrollment and leave of absence policies. International Students.

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