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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is DailyMailTV's Alicia Quarles?

Thomas will be joining DailyMailTV 's Senior News Correspondent Alicia Quarles as a co-host for the season, hosting the show from New York City.

Who will replace Jesse on DailyMailTV?

Who will replace Jesse on 'DailyMailTV'? The Daily Mail revealed in their announcement that Thomas Roberts would be replacing Jesse as a host for Season 4. Thomas' career in journalism has spanned more than a quarter of a century, working for various national and local television news outlets.

What happened to Jesse Palmer from DailyMailTV?

What happened to Jesse Palmer? After hosting DailyMailTV for three seasons, it appears that Jesse's time on the show has come to an end. In August 2020, Daily Mail made an announcement that Jesse would be leaving the show for its fourth season.

Who is DailyMailTV host Thomas Roberts?

Thomas Roberts is the new host of season 4 of DailyMailTV, replacing longtime anchor Jesse Palmer. Roberts confirmed the news Friday, tweeting that his new position begins Sept. 7. "After 25 amazing years in TV News, whether as an anchor or correspondent, I've had some pretty incredible 'career firsts!'

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