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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Cuando and Cuándo?

Aside from its syntactic position, the main way to distinguish the usage is by the graphic accent (i.e. “cuando” = conjunction; “cuándo” = interrogative adverb) and by the accentuation on the first syllable, when it is an interrogative pronoun.

How to use Cuándo as an interrogative adverb?

How to Use "¿Cuándo?" as an Interrogative Adverb in Spanish The word “¿cuándo?” means “when?”. It is used to ask questions relating to the time of events. We can call it a question-word question, in the sense that it is often used at the beginning of a sentence to form a question.

When to use Cuando as a subordinator?

Cuando as a Subordinator. When cuando is used used to introduce a clause (a series of words that could be a sentence but form a longer phrase starting with cuando), either the indicative or subjunctive mood can be used in that clause.

How do you choose the mood of Cuando?

The choice of moods depends on whether the action of the verb has been completed. As a subordinating conjunction, cuando — usually translated as "when" or "whenever" — typically is followed by a verb in the indicative mood when that verb refers to something that has already occurred or is occurring in the present.

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