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Frequently Asked Questions

What is crisis and different types of crisis?

Types of Crisis Financial Crisis. Financial Crisis occurs when the business is hit with the crisis financially. ... Technological Crisis. The technological crisis occurs as a result of break downs in the common scientific and technological tools and appliances that we use in a business. Crisis of Malevolence. All businesses compete with each other. ... Natural Crisis. ...

What is considered a crisis?

A crisis occurs when an individual feels overwhelmed by events. The crisis may be precipitated by events which bring about sudden change to the person's environment - eg, bereavement, redundancy or childbirth.

What is the definition of crisis?

A crisis is a situation in which something or someone is affected by one or more very serious problems. Natural disasters have obviously contributed to the continent's economic crisis. He had made arrangements for additional funding before the company was in crisis. ...children's illnesses or other family crises.

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