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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Creed?

While Creed was putting together their debut album, the band members were still going to school and working day jobs to support themselves. Guitarist Mark Tremonti was frustrated with his lot in life as a cook at Chili's with an uncertain future ahead of him. He poured his feelings into "Torn," which became the album's second single.

When did Creed release my Own Prison?

The album was released independently by the band's record label Blue Collar Records on June 24, 1997, but then was released by Wind-up Records on August 26, 1997. Manager Jeff Hanson matched Creed up with John Kurzweg, and My Own Prison was recorded for $6,000, funded by Hanson.

Who wrote the song 'Creed'?

It was mostly written by Mark Tremonti (as were most Creed songs) Tony from Woogowoogaa, Australia some of the lines in the song refer to additional anguish he suffered when his mother failed to pack his lunch one morning.

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