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Frequently Asked Questions

What does covenant theology mean?

Covenant theology (also known as covenantalism, federal theology, or Federalism) is a conceptual overview and interpretive framework for understanding the overall structure of the Bible. It uses the theological concept of a covenant as an organizing principle for Christian theology. ... The standard form of covenant theology views the history of God's dealings with mankind, from Creation to Fall to Redemption to Consummation, under the framework of three overarching theological covenants: those of redemption, of works, and of grace.

What is the difference between a covenant and a contract?

The difference between covenant and contract is thus evident. A contract represents a broad area in that it refers to a legally binding agreement or promise made between two or more parties, while covenant constitutes a type of contract.

What does Covenant mean in history?

Covenant (historical) In a historical context, a covenant applies to formal promises that were made under oath, or in less remote history, agreements in which the name actually uses the term 'covenant', implying that they were binding for all time.

What is the definition of a covenant?

The first known use of covenant was in the 14th century. Financial Definition of covenant. A covenant is a promise a company makes, usually in return for a loan or bond issue. Covenants are most common in lending agreements and bond indentures.

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