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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best deals you can get through Costco Travel?

Yes, Costco Travel has some of the best deals on giant bottles of ketchup, but they also offer some truly spectacular and hard-to-come-by travel experiences.

How does Costco Travel compare to other travel companies?

While they do charge prices that are similar to what you ’ ll see on other travel sites, Costco tends to offer refundable onboard credit that equals about 8% of your fare plus any additional specials from the cruise, such as beverage packages or gratuities.

What are the benefits of booking travel through Costco?

Booking through Costco also helps score you a $100 resort credit, which you can happily use at the spa. You probably didn’t think Costco vacations could make you feel like royalty—but you’ll feel like Meghan and Harry when you book the Milestone Romance Package to London.

How much do Costco travel packages cost?

Rates start at under $4,000 per person, thanks to the Costco vacations deal-style pricing. And did we mention airfare is included? Picking the right cruise for your family is hard when travel agents work on commissions that vary greatly from cruise line to cruise line.

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