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Frequently Asked Questions

What is corrosion monitoring and why is it important?

Corrosion monitoring systems provide an operator with cost-effective and safe application of corrosion inhibitors. A proper corrosion monitoring program for inhibitors requires risk assessment. A monitoring system needs a clear set of objectives.

What are the different types of corrosion monitoring?

Corrosion monitoring can be classified in a number of ways. One classification is historical versus current. Corrosion coupons provide historical data. They cannot provide accurate corrosion rates or the specific start time of the onset of corrosion within their exposure time, which typically is 6 months to a year.

Does seawater influence the initial corrosion behavior of carbon steel?

The influence of seawater on the carbon steel initial corrosion behavior, exposed to the “three highs” marine atmosphere of the south sea, was investigated. Conclusions can be drawn as follows: 1.

Do anions and cations in seawater affect corrosion in the atmosphere?

Consequently, it can be postulated that the corrosion process was affected by both anions and cations in seawater in the “three highs” atmosphere. Figure 5.

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