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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the haunted corn maze in Madera CA?

Raisin Hell Ranch Haunted Corn Maze! Business Address:7451 Rd 32, Madera, CA,,Madera,93637,USA|Tel: +1 559-674-9463| Email: [email protected]. Rated 5/ 5 based on 2982017 reviews. | Review Us

How big is the corn maze at Richardson Adventure Farm?

MOST INTRICATE CORN MAZE! Many farms have cool corn mazes, but not many can live up to the size and detail of the Richardson Adventure Farm Corn Maze! With its 9 - 10 miles of trail winding through 28 acres of live corn, you are in for a challenge and a treat!

What is the largest corn maze in the world?

- Explore Our 2018 Maze -. Richardson Farm’s “World’s Largest” corn maze celebrates the Bicentennial of the State of Illinois.

How many miles of trails does the corn maze have?

The Richardson Farm 2019 corn maze has 9.7 miles of trails over 28 acres! Our 2019 “World’s Largest” corn maze celebrates the 50 th anniversary of Apollo 11 – Man first walking on the moon!

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