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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of a concept?

Math is a good example of a concept because equations in algebra refer to ideas of 'x', which is a concept for a certain number that one must determine. Other concepts can exist in art, literature, and many other areas of human thought. However, concepts are always hierarchical, meaning that they can be either very broad or very specific.

What is the definition of a concept?

A concept is an idea conceived in the mind. The original meaning of the verb conceive was to take sperm into the womb, and by a later extension of meaning, to take an idea into the mind. Think you’ve got a good vocabulary?

What is a concept map?

A concept map is an approach to sorting out and introducing various thoughts and information regarding a matter. The chart starts with an idea which is the fundamental thought in the center, which is then spread out to show explicit points connecting with that idea.

What is a concept in psychology?

A concept is an abstract idea of something or a general notion, whereas a theory explains how things work or come to be. Concepts are not nearly as rigid as theories. For example, sciences like cognitive science and psychology refer often to the concept of intrusive thoughts, referring to unwanted thoughts that arise in the mind.

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